· This policy is applied to all Carrier & Toshiba air conditioners and Carrier air purifiers supplied by Carrier Air Conditioning Vietnam Co., Ltd. (CVN for short).

· This policy is effective November 1st, 2022


The product warranty period is determined based on the priority order as listed below, the low priority conditions are only activated when and only if all the higher priority conditions it is not validated, however not exceeding B months

1. A-month warranty from the date of electronic warranty activation;

2. A-month warranty from the date stated on the warranty certificate or system operation by CVN (T&C date of the system);

3. A-month warranty from the date of issuance of a valid financial invoice (applicable only to Residential Light Commercial (RLC), Light Commercial (LC), Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), and Air Purifiers);

4. B-Month Warranty:

· Based on the date of manufacturing (as shown by the serial number on the product label): Residential Light Commercial (RLC), Light Commercial (LC), Air Purifiers

· From the date of product delivery (based on the delivery note/invoice): Product line for Variable Refrigerant Flow, Applied system


Note: The compressor is guaranteed for 60 months only when the installation conditions (expressed by the quality of the compressor oil – not discolored), operation and maintenance (expressed by the dirty condition of the heat exchanger) must comply with the manufacturer's regulations.




· Depending on the actual condition of the product, the warranty methods will be applied in the following order of priority:

1. Repairing the damaged product (Product innovation requirements do not apply)

2. Replacing the damaged parts. In the event that the component to be replaced is no longer in production; or is not on the commercial list; or cannot be searched, the equivalent component will be replaced (with the same design and specification as the old component).

3. Other relevant conditions in the contract (if any).

· The replacement parts in the warranty are the property of CVN. These components must be returned to CVN.


The product will not be covered by the warranty if one of the following conditions is met:

1. The product is no longer within the warranty period or does not meet any of the warranty period conditions described in section 2

2. The products with flaws that are not the duty and obligation of the manufacturer

3. The product is not installed, operated and used in accordance with the Regulations, National technical standards (TCVN, QCVN, IEC, ...), as well as not following the instructions/ recommendations from the manufacturer

4. The product operates in harsh environmental conditions (such as high salinity, acidity, high wind area, tight installation space, ...) without consulting and agreeing in writing with the product engineering department of CVN

5. The attached product and label are not intact, broken or detached. The customer has the right to refuse to receive unsatisfactory products due to transport-related reasons (damaged packaging, broken and distorted products, etc.). Any claims related to this matter arising thereafter shall not be covered by the warranty.

6. Unforeseen circumstances or accidents leading to damage: lightning strike, power interruption, rainstorm, improper voltage supply, animals, insect infestation, ...

7. The product used for modeling, display or demonstration purposes.

8. The product has been repaired or intervened by a third party, not a CVN authorized service center or CVN technical staff.

9. The product installed in locations that pose a risk to the technician when manipulated may be denied warranty until a suitable construction technique is established.

10. The works have special requirements on total voltage parallel distortion (THD) according to Circular No. 39/2015/Circular – Ministry of Industry and Trade (for high-capacity systems), the customer must have a suitable treatment plan corresponding to the requirements of the law

11. Arbitrarily change machine parts or replace non-genuine parts (Carrier & Toshiba)

12. Damage caused by using period during use such as curoa belt, compressor oil, moisture filter, filter mesh, refrigerant, etc.


1. When a warranty claim arises, the customer informs CVN in the following ways:

a. Hotline: 1800-55-88-41

b. Email: carriervietnam@carrier.com

2. In order to be handled quickly. You need to prepare important information as follows:

a. Customer information or contact information (Name, mobile number, email)

b. Installation address

c. Warranty Claimed Product: Model and Serial Number (if possible)

d. Number of installations, number of damages

e. The time that the incident happens

f. The incident descriptions in as much detail as possible

3. After receiving the warranty claim, the technician will contact the customer within 24 hours for remote handling instructions (if possible)

4. In the even that remote handling is not possible, the technician will book a repair appointment at home/ at work for the customer. The customer is kindly requested to arrange a time to make sure the tenant or the person in charge is available at the time the technician performs the repairs at the house

5. Turnaround time (TAT): within 02 working days for normal component failure and within 04 working days for complex repair or special components (for Residential Light Commercial (RLC), Light Commercial (LC), Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), Air Purifier only)

6. For customers in the form of enterprises with actual survey requirements, the survey should be conducted with the participation of all stakeholders (investors, contractors, customers, ...). The means of support at the works will be prepared by the customer. In order for the survey to be convenient and effective, the customer needs to notify the time (or change) to CVN at least 24 hours before proceeding with the work.