Toshiba Inverter Multi system will deliver the ultimate in cooling comfort. The series in air conditioning technology ensures optimum performance to greatly enhance the quality of our life.
One external compressor can serve up to five interior units for exceptional flexibility, economy and reliability.
Space saving
Toshiba Inverter Multi system outdoor units are lightweight and compact. Just one outdoor unit takes up little space on wall or in yard. It keeps the exterior of buildings neat with quieter operation.
Wider Selection
Choosing from three types of indoor units, Hight wall, Ducted and Compact 4-way cassette type to suit customers' housing design.
High wall
This elegant unit combines an improved energy efficiency with indoor air quality.
These ducted units offer reliable and controllable comfort year-round. The compact and quiet units are suitable for a wide range of residential and light commercial applications, with one outdoor unit serving up to five indoor units.
Compact 4-way cassette
This compact 4-way cassette ha been designed to suit all the standard 600x600 mm grid ceiling, for easy installation and maintenance. Its compact and stylish panel design makes it discreet and unobtrusive. Both the installation and the maintenance are really easy, thanks to the simple access to electrical box by simply removing the suction grill.