Toshiba’s SPI series Cassette air conditioners is well-known for its remarkable energy efficiency and performance with low GWP R32 refrigerant in a lightweight, compact body. Toshiba's new Cassette air conditioners enable temperature conditioning, individual Louvre control, and easy installation, garnering popularity among shops and small businesses owners – an invention that is developed for your lifestyle today, tomorrow and the future.
Superior Coefficient of Performance (COP)

The new SPI model achieves top class energy efficiency up to 4.76.

Compact & Light Weight

The compact condensing unit of single fan chassis is light weight at 62kg for 5HP. Thus it is easy to transport and install.

Magic Coil

The fan coil unit is equipped with Magic Coil, a special aqua-coated aluminum fin heat exchanger that helps prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the coils.

Sealed Inverter Box

Inverter box of SPI is fully sealed up in order to avoid malfunction due to sands, dust and small animal.


Individual setting of louver position: 3 different swing mode: Standard, Diagonally opposite and Turn-around.

High Lift Drain Pump

The water that condensate is channeled out from the air-conditioner to proper drainage outside the building using a pump.





Wireless remote controller kit WZ-U01NEt

  • • Start/Stop
  • • Changing mode
  • • Temperature setting
  • • Air flow changing
  • • Timer function Either “ON” time or “OFF” time or “CYCLIC” can be set how many 30 min. later ON or OFF is operated.
  • • Control by 2 remote controllers is available. Two wireless remote controllers can operate one indoor unit. The indoor unit can then be operated separately from the two different locations.
  • • Check code display

Lite-vision plus remote controller RBC-AMS55E-ES

  • • Wired remote controller with a built in 7-day timer-featuring a new multi-language
  • • LCD display with backlight, energy saving options and a return back function.
  • • Possibility to set and display the room name to easily set-up and monitor the working parameter.
  • • New modern and desirable controller design with menu driven display.
  • • Save mode by schedule timer to optimise energy consumption.
  • • Room temperature display always available.
  • • Two “Hot Keys” (F1, F2) for easy operation of air conditioner functions.
  • • Easy to read layout including display of indoor unit model name and serial number.
  • • Built-in backup power. Settings are kept in memory up to 72 hours in case of power failure.
  • • Remote TA sensor available in controller.
  • • Can be connected to a single indoor unit or a group of up to 8 indoor units.